Commercial Pest Control Services

Carpenter Ant Services

Full Interior (with drilling and extraction) if needed.

Full exterior treatments. All work guaranteed to cover the INTERIOR of the home for a period no less than one full year. Roofs, windows, doors, garages and sheds are also eligible for services and will be warranted unless SEVERE MOISTURE condition would require repair and/or demolition.

The interior of a residential home typically needs to be treated only ONCE. The ants can be controlled from the outside after that. The interior warranty will be extended if annual outside work is performed under a plan. (recommended).

Pilot Termite & Pest Control, LLC may also recommend the removal or transplanting of any plant or bush that may be responsible for ant nesting near the home.

Wasps, Carpenter Bees, Yellow Jackets and Other Flying Stinging Insects

We recommend annual service for treatment of all exterior sources of these insects.

Programs cover homeowner versus these insects until the snow falls (or November 1, whichever comes first)

Paper nests will normally develop in late July through August and September and the homeowner WILL be covered for their treatment and removal. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO HANDLE A PAPER NEST ON YOUR OWN.

Miscellaneous Insects

We can and do handle upon request services for Beetles, ladybugs, flies, spiders, fleas, centipedes, and millipedes and many other creepy crawlers.

Call ahead and describe situation for proper advice as not all insect problems are cured by insecticide alone.

Rodents, Mice and Rats

Full interior and exterior inspections are required PRIOR to any program being installed. Proper identification of the rodent species involved is necessary before service begins. Most rodent issues will be handled on a once per MONTH basis to help break breeding cycles of the rodent.

Mole Control

Full yard control of moles using combined control technologies to “control the moles” wreaking havoc on your lawn. There are multiple service and control plans available to choose from.

Property Management Programs

Since Greater Toledo gets these insects annually, we recommend to most homeowners to purchase a "SERVICE PLAN" to cover all the issues you can get in a season, a kind of BUG INSURANCE PLAN if you will. It is something to think about if you enjoy spending time outside on your deck or your kids play on play sets etc.

Pilot Termite & Pest Control, LLC has a professional relationship with Seagate Inspections, Inc.
For detailed information on specific pests please check this page.